• Specifications

    Prefer for your children those toys which:

    • Are right for their age, taking however under consideration the personality of each child as well.
    • Stimulate their imagination and satisfy their curiosity (e.g. convertible, able assembling, multiple usage toys etc).
    • Contribute to the cultivation of their taste.
    • Bear the CE label. All toys circulating in the EU market have to be manufactured in accordance with the strict specifications set forth by the European Union and are indelibly and clearly marked with the CE label. The toys must meet all health and safety requirements, not be inflammable and not pass on infections or diseases. Their mechanic, chemical and electric properties must not endanger the health and the safety of the children.

    Furthermore, you should take under consideration the following instructions:

    • Read carefully the labels of the toys, which provide information about the mode of use, the ages to which the specific toy is suitable for as well as whether supervision by adults is required or not.
    • Make sure the toy is suitable for the child's age. Do not disregard manufacturers' recommendations regarding children's age.
    • Check the quality and specifically whether the toy is correctly assembled, if it breaks easily, if it includes small parts that can be easily taken off, if there are sharp edges, slivers or nails sticking out. Follow carefully the assembling and use instructions of the toy.
    • Try to imagine possible dangers that can be caused by the inevitable misuse of the toy.
    • Make sure the toy does not include any toxic substances. Try to find painting materials, markers and paints that specifically mention that they are not toxic.
    • Keep all information about the store where you bought the toy as well as the manufacturer, in case of problem.
    • Always go to specific toys stores which sell certified products.
    • Do not forget to equip your children with helmets, kneecaps and special elbow covers while using toys such as bike and skates.
    • Toys containing magnets must bear the relevant special warning. Rea carefully the package and look after your kid while playing with a toy that contains magnets.
    • Avoid toys containing PVC or Phthalates.
    • Recycle paper packages, old plastic toys and used batteries.