• Our company

    DOLY TOYS has been active in the toys market for more than 40 years.

    We started in 1969, as one of the first manufacturers and suppliers of plush toys and related parts in Greece. Until 1988 and having already 20 years of experience as a plush toy manufacturer, our company had managed not only to cover a large part of domestic market’s needs but also to expand its business by exporting its products in Middle East and Balkan countries.

    After 1989, due to the emerging globalization as well as China’s introduction in the international commerce, DOLY TOYS manufactures the largest part of its products in China and imports them in Greece in order to distribute them in the Greek market.

    Nowadays, our company’s products comprise Plush Toys, Soft Toys, Stuffed Toys, Dolls, Plastic Toys, Seasonal Items and Gifts.

    Given our company’s experience of so many years and having such a deep knowledge on this specific market and great love for this business, we always see that our products are of the best quality and at the best prices.