• Best choice

    Playing is one of the most important activities contributing to child's even development, not only the intellectual and emotional one but also the physical one. While playing, the child reacts freely, discovers the world, explores the environment and adapts to it, develops its thinking, sharpens its judgment, gains self-esteem, learns how to face the problems, to coexist in a team, to create personal relationships, to negotiate, to have the courage of its convictions and to express its emotions. Playing excites children's imagination and of course, it pleases them!

    For the above reasons, great weight should be laid on the choice of a toy. As we all know, children get excited with almost all kind of toys, and therefore they choose them on impulse, usually being carried away by the commercials’ brain storming. So, parents should undertake the indisputably difficult task of exhorting and discreetly guide children to opt for toys that contribute to their creative expression, help the expansion of their imagination and their skills as well as their intellectual and physical exercise and which of course are, at the same time, perfectly safe.

    When choosing a toy, it is important to remember that 90% of the playing should derive from the child itself and only 10% from the toy. Besides, you must not oppress children's instinctive curiosity and inclination to experimentation. Allow them to transform their toys as they wish. It constitutes a way of learning how to take initiatives, while at the same time, their curiosity is being satisfied. Finally, you should not separate toys to those for boys and those for girls. Let the kids express themselves freely, without compelling them to life style models and obsolete moulds that limit their imagination and creativity.